Health and Safety

Health and Safety are of paramount importance to Tuckers. As a family business we adhere to a strict certification and ensure we maintain our equipment to the highest standards. Any third parties which we use are also checked to ensure they meet the same rigorous standards.

Our Safety Record – Our aim is to provide exciting family fun to this aim we employ the following:

Showmen’s Guild – As members we test our equipment receives regular testing from independent safety experts. These are carried out to NAFLIC (National Association for the Leisure Industry Certification) standards.

ADIPS – Tuckers are ADIPS scheme members. This demonstrates our commitment to best practice and our compliance with the health and safety at work act.

RCD protected equipment – All our public facing equipment is RCD electrical safety protected. All our applicable equipment has regular checks (NDT) to check for metal fatigue.


Food Safety – The people providing the food (from cheeseburgers to confectionary) at your event are certificated by the Food Standards Agency.